Thursday, July 26, 2012

TRAVELS: Tree Top Adventure, Subic

Tree Top Adventure is becoming one of the tourist destination in Northern Luzon. This offers an experience that surely everyone will enjoy especially those who love adventure.

Tree Top Adventure in Subic Pampanga, Philippines is composed of different activities as follows:
  • Canopy Ride
  • Superman Ride
  • Rapelling
  • Silver Surfer
  • Trekking
  • Free Fall Adventure
  • Canopy Walk
 There were packages to choose from but we have chosen the package that offers the Silver Surfer, Superman Ride and Free Fall Adventure.

 Interactive Free-Fall Adventure

Interactive Free-Fall Adventure is hanging upside down. It will towers you up and drops you down in a snap! This was really the ride that i really enjoyed. Some will say that this ride will cause you to throw up but as for me, all I felt was enjoyment!

 Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer, as the name implied, is like surfing above the ground and in the air! This is probably high, 10-80 feet high! You will need to grab those handrails in order for you stay safe however some brave ones prefer just spreading their arms( which for me is not advisable). This ride will take you about 5-10 mins if I'm correct which is probably the longest time we spent among the 3 rides. Be ready to be thrown like you were surfing and have your feet stay on the barrels.

 Superman Ride

Superman Ride is something that you should not miss to try. You were like flying once you tried this ride.
You can extend your arms in front as if you are Superman. The thrill part is that is will pause for a while at the end of the rope and as you move forward, you will move like a flash! It's kinda scary since you were in the height of 100 meters above the ground! But the experience was all worth it.

   My friends in Superman Ride!

The rides were one of a kind! It was like a theme park in the middle of the forest! Safety precautions were provided before taking a ride and it was a good thing. Friends and families will really enjoy. This is also a good place for team building among colleagues and office mates. Truly one of a kind!


We rode a bus, Victory Liner from Cubao to Olongapo. It will take you about 4-5 hours.A friend used her car to take us a tour in Subic.

Another way is to have a private car takes you going to Subic via NLEX. Grab a map and you're good to go!

Check out the rates of the bus and tree top adventure site for more info!

Come and Visit Tree Top Adventure. Its more fun in the Philippines!

Love Vanessa

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