Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beauty: Photography Trial and Error

I was fascinated with how some people can create an art through pictures..Gone are the days were you can just buy films, click the camera and let it be developed. I still remember those times when we run out of films and we just need to buy another one..Cool isn't it? Maybe those who were born on 2000's and above won't understand but for those who were born 80's and 90's even our parents could relate..

Thanks to Digital Cameras! One can take as many pictures as he/she wants to capture memories. Facebook, multiply, twitter, instagram, picasa were just one of the thousands site where you can upload it..So anybody can see it.

So I'm so thankful that boyfriend let me bought DSLR (Digital single-lens camera). Before, only photographers can use it (Profesional ones) but now, photography lovers could own one (depends on your budget) since it is kinda pricey compared to digital point and shoot camera. Nevertheless, price comes with quality so with DSLR, the higher the capabilty, the higher the price..

So being as a beginner, I bought the beginner camera, NIKON d3100, what I love most is that is has the capability to take HD videos.

So here are some of the trial shots i took.. Please bear with me guys :-)

Maybe next time, better shots.. :-)

Note: This pictures were took with no settings (actually this were automatic settings) no apreture, shutter whatsoever..Im starting to learn now and hopefully can take better photos.. But the pictures above, not so bad right? hehehe..Just showing that Nikon's DSLR for beginners aren't that bad though..
Enjoy your weekend guys.
Love Vanessa

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