Thursday, July 12, 2012

TRAVELS: Panglao Island, Bohol

Panglao Island is one of the most-visited places in Bohol. This is where you can find the white sand beach, wonderful resorts, crystal clear water and pristine sunset.. Me and my friends stayed in Dumaluan Beach Resort 2 which shares the same shore with the famous Bohol Beach Club. Food was great especially the free breakfast inclusive when you book a room. Fresh Juices, sumptuous food, fresh delicacies and more, love everything. At night, Panglao Beach is serene, unlike in Boracay where there is "Night Life". In here, you can just stay in a resto, feel the coziness of the place, the solemnity of the surroundings and the sound of the beach waves..Very surreal it is..

I turn to you guys with the pictures we took when we were in Panglao, Bohol. Actually this is a second time for me to visit this beautiful place.. Enjoy the pictures!

 This is life! My BF relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

 Panglao Island Shore..

Cute isn't it?

 Me and my friends walking on the shore of Panglao Island.

 It's November in the Philippines when we came here, so expect that it is Low-tide. But still you can swim and enjoy the beach!

This is the resort after Dumaluan 1.

Our breakfast served with fresh juice and fruits..

Come and visit Panglao Island Bohol!! It's truly more fun in the Philippines..

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Love Vanessa

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